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The singsong of the peace

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Title and duration - Titolo e durata - Titre et durée - Título y duración - Titel und Dauer - Название и продолжительность - Título e duração - 标题和持续时间 - タイトルと期間 - العنوان وال - Başlık ve süre:
The singsong of the peace: 39' - 31"
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The "Song of Peace" is written with the Heart. Here, as I sit by the sea, I hear the sounds that multiply and become real human songs that manifest themselves in me and in front of me. Now a gentle sound of a harp envelops my soul out to another dimension, where everything is more real, genuine and also decent. An enveloping melody that brings me peace in the garden from which they came and to which they are directed again. A melodious expression of ancient strings cleans me the illusion mind. Then the sea moves the shells next to me while from a distance I hear the endless singing of blue ocean waves. Some gulls sing melodious songs that become real in my presence. I am here to listen to their tunes and ancient chants that lead me away. The horizon is in front of me, but I'm really not there ... here is, some chants bring me into the world of thoughts, but this time they are not with them. I look at them as the notes of an old piano accompany me to the exit from illusion and my feeble human resistance surrender to the wonderful singing that comes from within the heart. Here I see a river that dates back to the distant mountains. I enter some paths that disappear in the dense green forest. I go higher and higher, until you get to the source of life ... there I find the beginning of all that is and that makes me come back to the sea from which it forms the bodily substance, but then return to where it formed the ' idea of earthly life in which there is the beginning of the events. Maybe they are still there? Perhaps silence is substance as is the sound ... both are merged in the One Sound of Existence!

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