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The awakening of the consciousness

In the melodic notes we perceive the transformation of the bodily substance into awareness.
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01 - The awakening of the consciousness: 06' - 21"
02 - I remember who I am: 06' - 17"
03 - Discovering myself: 04' - 44"
04 - I heal myself: 07' - 00"
05 - Tema Universale: 07' - 19"
06 - Elementi d'oro: 09' - 46"
07 - Messaggi gamma: 04' - 11"
08 - Testimone della mente: 09' - 31"
09 - The valley of the paths: 05' - 20"
10 - Melodic thoughts: 07' - 35"
Album duration - Durata album - Durée de l'album - Duración del álbum - Albumdauer - Продолжительность альбома - 专辑时长 - Duração do álbum ⏱: 68'
File audio 🔊: Mp3 - Wav HD

This music album tells the journey of consciousness while living the two-dimensional experience here on Earth through the interaction of the three vectors: soul, mind and spirit. Listening to the melodies, it is possible to perceive the process of transformation of the bodily substance into awareness. By spontaneously entering into contemplation, it may happen that the image of who the human who lives in this dimension becomes clear. The human is only the shadow of the one who is: Soul embodied in a living man. The melodies represent the expression of what the author has lived and still lives through his life experience and that he tries to communicate by sharing his perceptions with others through his musical compositions. Therefore, the album includes ten songs containing harmonies and melodies that allow access to a new dimension in which the human being can remember that he is MAN. In this way it is possible to awaken the conscience that can finally start again its eternal path to the memory of itself precisely through the shapes and dimensions of the body.

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