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Music is a very deep and direct form of communication which, for those who listen unconditionally, reaches the heart directly, generating well-being and harmony in communion with nature. So I'm talking about melodic and harmonic music that resonates with the vibration of nature (432 Hz). Music communicates through the sound of instruments. Therefore music is an end in itself. It does not need any implications or words that often overlap the pure and simple melody. However, man has a wonderful gift within him that concerns his voice. The human voice is a cure-all when combined with melodic music. Unfortunately, especially in recent times, the human voice has been replaced with the words contained in the songs that often distract the listener precisely because the words have the power to disconnect the soul from the mind that becomes even more analytical.
The human voice integrates perfectly with the music while the words often mislead, creating even more noise and din in the mind.
Nothing against words since they too transmit sounds and messages, but are often used more than anything else to convince and disconnect the mind with the spontaneous and natural vibrations transmitted by melodic and harmonic music. Precisely for this reason, Viram has created a series of musical compositions by inserting the human voice using a vocal language with meaningless words.
In this way you will be able to listen to the melody together with the human voices without distracting your mind ... You will listen to vocal sounds and melodies in a context of absolute balance with the vibration emanating from the sounds and melodies composed for you.