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"Orchestral dream" Album

For music lovers, for all those who are still looking for melody and atmosphere, for those who love to collect music to listen to in moments that require joy, sweetness, harmony, here is an orchestral music album where sounds and musical arrangements are integrated with a style that vaguely resembles the music that goes from the thirties to the sixties-seventies and the New World Music with nostalgic and evocative melodies of a bygone era, but always alive in our thoughts.
The melodies are elegantly composed in live style sound architectures, entirely played and interpreted with electronic keyboards.
Sounds like tuba, sax, flute, trombone, bass, piano, brass, etc., seem real because of the accuracy of the interpretation and the perfect alignment that the artist wanted to express in this musical project.
The result obtained is a set of sweet and pleasant melodies to be listened to especially with headphones to better appreciate each melodic line and each detail contained in each piece.