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New World, melodic, meditative, album sale - 432 Hz music


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Title and duration - Titolo e durata - Titre et durée - Título y duración - Titel und Dauer - Название и продолжительность - Título e duração - 标题和持续时间 - タイトルと期間 - العنوان وال - Başlık ve süre:
Hippewe: 04' - 08"
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Hippewe (in the Tanzanian language it means: "Give it to him") is a piece of music that invites you to donate, to give... happiness, joy, empathy... everything you need to communicate and feel alive... Hippewe, colorful notes full of melody... Let's go out and about and travel through life to discover new horizons and to remind ourselves who we are!
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