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New World, melodic, meditative, album sale - 432 Hz music


This album contains a collection of melodic pieces suitable for contemplation and meditation. There are also recordings of natural sounds made by the author and included in his musical compositions. The melodies regenerate the mind favoring a space of quiet and relaxation. There are 5 passages that convey Viram's intent which consists in rediscovering that integrity and purity of soul necessary to restore the memory of the origins in which the three entities were united: soul, mind and spirit. Only in this way is it possible to stimulate the memory of that creative force, present in every living man (male-female = single archetype "MAN"), which realizes integrated consciousness or universal consciousness.
Listening to the music on this album, you will also rediscover the desire to absorb the melody and the beneficial harmony that regenerates the body and mind. The artistic intent reflects what exists in every living being in all creation: "I am what I am, that is, a soul embodied in a living form that is MAN" so I am the unique creator of all reality.